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In Mindtaker nothing is what it seems, from the very beginning of the game and throughout the development of the plot tension, uncertainty and claustrophobia are constantly increasing until it reaches the final outcome.

It all begins with a call from headquarters: a strange murder has occurred somewhere very familiar to you, the neighborhood that saw you grow up. Namely, in a house where children dare not get close unless you were plotting some prank to run away afterwards. That's why, even if everything is different, the years have passed and you're a district detective now, a shiver runs down your back as soon as you cross the doorstep of that house for the first time.

Discover the supernatural origin of the terrib
Q4 2017

Control an anthropomorphic mouse named Quill, while also acting as the "reader" of her story - a literal guiding presence who can manipulate parts of the world to help solve puzzles or survive enemy attacks.

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