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Skyrim VR: First impressions

I just hit level 5 and played strictly with the moves. All I have to say is Betheda Studios deserves praise and respect for this accomplishment.

They accomplished something that seemed impossible a year ago; a game as complex as Skyrim, in VR, using problematic controllers. And They did a fantastic job at it. It's a literal, full-fledged world in virtual reality. I played Skyrim a couple times (PS3, PC), and I am enjoying the game on a completely different level than I did playing on a television.

One of the things I was worried about before playing was the graphics. I am playing on an OG ps4, and the graphics are more than acceptable. I'd say they are actually pretty good. Not much blur and barely any screen-door-effect (you have to look for it). It's much better looking and more clear playing on PS4 with PSVR than the original Skyrim release on PS3 on TV. Also, It looks better in the VR headset than recorded footage and streams.

My first Skyrim VR related death

My only complaints so far is the lack of smooth turning. Snap turning makes me feel uncomfortable. Where are MY comfort settings? Also, Bethesda, PLEASE do away with the 'Move control models' and just replace them with hands. It's a big immersion killer.

Playing Skyrim brought a flood of possible VR game ideas to me. Using last gen games could be a very smart move for the uncertain and experimental VR industry. There are tons of great games, that have been kinda forgotten with the release of the current gen. Using these titles and programming them to work with VR is a no brainer.
Skyrim VR has proven old ports work. And it can work damn well.


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I envy your Skyrim virginity, getting to experience this for the first time in VR. If you haven't played a Bethesda game you're in for a treat. http://forums.vrnet.ninja/viewtopic.php?f=&t=278#p500

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I just want to build my virtual house and marry my virtual wife and live happily ever after, virtually. http://forums.vrnet.ninja/viewtopic.php?f=&t=278#p501

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